Sunday coffee

Καλό μήνα! Good month! A Greek wish. There is no end to the wishes that the Greeks scatter. Good week, good fall, good afternoon etc. Indeed, November has started and we are already moving fast towards the end of the year. I can’t believe it, especially because the weather here is lovely every day and only in the evenings and at night, it cools down and you can use your duvet again. After a long time we had dinner with the congregation. That is quite a happening, because then there is extensive cooking by Vicky, whom I have often mentioned here. She is one of my Latin American church friends. We have quite a few in our church. They are very active in their own (Spanish) church on Saturday and Tuesday evenings and with us on Sundays and during the week. They also cook for the food project, which means that they prepare around 130 meals, which are handed out on Thursday afternoons. In one word: amazing! Vicky’s fame is even widespread in Athens, she is often asked to cook “somewhere” at a church or organization. We always drink coffee together after church on Sunday mornings. That was introduced when I came, because after church I think the coffee is the tastiest of the entire week. Everyone here now knows that.

In the last few weeks there have also been a few participants in the church’s eating project. Or at least, they walk in and out a bit (that is possible here) and they wait outside for some attention and of course for their ‘money’. They both get that. We now know them and we have a chat. They are therefore getting a bit “closer”. That is very special. It is a big step to go among church people from a separate church: not a Greek Orthodox, but an Evangelical church. We are very happy with it. Today even two came up. The church room where we eat is upstairs … Another step to take, right? Going upstairs and coming in … But luckily, there is attention for them. And a delicious meal. And someone who sits down with them, in this case the pastor. How simple it is. A little attention for people who are usually not “seen”. That is what we want to do: See people as God sees them. Not always easy though. They really aren’t always nice people. One of them was very angry with me recently because I didn’t want to give him a sleeping bag a second time. He had had one, but it was stolen. I did want to give him the backpack with things he still had credit for. It was thrown back to me: “well then I don’t need it either.” Well…. It worked out well. We agree again and he has had his backpack. Yet these people are precious to God. And therefore also to us.

In Connect yesterday it was nice too. This time there were only Greek people. Including our friend Victor. He has been in Greece for 30 years. We had a great time, one of the ladies had made halvas, a kind of baked semolina cake. And I had baked cheese and spinach snacks. This time I have kept a tight hold on our meditative moment. Usually everyone talks (loudly), but I was a bit done with that, I can’t understand it myself. So now I gave “turns.” I asked a question and asked everyone to respond - one after the other. It was about a Greek word that I don’t know, meaning “exhaustion.” Have you ever been exhausted and what do you do … Everything came loose. A man said: “I go to church (Orthodox Church) and I pray for rest and I get it.” Nice huh?! We read a piece about God to whom we can appeal to give us new strength when we feel weak. (Psalm 73 verse 26)

My home front team in Werkendam was also busy with the pancake evening in De Bron. That was quite a job, but the result was very nice. 80 people came to eat and the proceeds were 569 euros. Great result! And it was also very pleasant, I understand. How nice that everything went so well. I am very blessed with this group that stands behind me so faithfully and means so much to me. But I am also grateful for all the sympathy and giving of everyone in The Netherlands!

Have a good week y’all!