Taking shape

Sunday afternoon, the 3th May. Today is the last day we need to send txt messages or filling out a form when we go out. Just count…..6 weeks with an average of 3 messages per day, makes more than 100. Luckily they were free… ☺ Tomorrow the first measures will be lifted. Some shops will open, such as bookshops, garages for MOT inspection and hairdressers by appointments only, also sportswear shops. The Orthodox churches are only allowed to open for private worship, you may go in to burn a candle and pray. Kissing icons, I suppose, is not to be done. The schools will open for the exam classes on May 11. The primary schools, kindergartens and playgroups will remain closed until June 1 in any case. Just like in The Netherlands, one will see how things develop. We need to wear masks when we are around other people such as in public transport, when visiting a doctor, in the elevator, at the hairdresser. In the supermarket the staff is obliged to wear masks, it is recommended for the public. I have just 1 of them, tomorrow I better try to find some more. They are sold for big money I heard, even 9 euro. It seems that certain pharmacies are trying to make big money. But you can also buy them from fabric, which can be washed, they are 1 euro. That sounds better! Today you can already see that everyone feels that “freedom has been regained”. Many more people on the street, some coffee shops have carefully placed one table outside, where people immediately sit. I have also walked further than I did the past 6 weeks. Just giving it a try – it was a really nice experience. The police also gave up a bit. I saw one group standing - of course not keeping enough distance, but I have not commented on it this time. They didn’t do any checks or anything. It is also has been a difficult time for them to fulfill their task. Although we have to learn to live in the society, keeping one and a half meter distance. That was the prime minister’s summon last Wednesday. Just like everywhere; be careful. It is not yet known when we are allowed to return to the center of the Salvation Army in the Omonia area. The S.A is very cautious; we aren’t allowed to go there. That is quite different from their usual presence in the world when emergencies arise. I also don’t know what the actual reason is; it’s very unfortunate though. We would like to get started.

The people living on the street don’t really know what to expect, they must also have masks. We had about 30 customers this morning; quite a lot. Those who are in shelter now will have to go back to the street. No idea how they are going to take the matter up.

My English lessons are getting into a certain model; I’m getting more control over it. The material is so beautiful, you can really go in all directions and all levels are available. My groups also get to grips with it. I send homework through the Viber and get the assignments back. There is one who at least wants to work: “Hello teacher, please send homework”. That is motivation, isn’t it? …… I don’t know how to fit it in later, but we’ll see about that then.

My girlfriend Shirley from Northern Ireland is very ill. She has pleurisy, fortunately no corona, and is in the hospital. I have known her from the beginning when I came here and we have become very good friends. Fortunately, she does improve, the doctors are satisfied, but it was really a shock. This week, the father of my girlfriend Wilma passed away, it was his 100th birthday, and he died of corona. A lot is happening in the world around us. We don’t know what the future will bring. Corrie ten Boom said: “I am not afraid to lay an unknown future in the hands of a known God.” I read that quote somewhere and thought it was beautiful.

Have a good week and a lot of strength.