Mini holiday

There we are again! I had a day with lots of sun and travelling. I was in the sea around 7 o’clock in the morning. I spent a couple of days in Agria. It’s a village in the middle of Greece, where I visited my good friends Spiros and Marja with their kids. They moved to Finland and are now here for their holidays. The kids and I like each other very much, especially Miltos, the youngest, I see as a special friend. It was good to see the family again. We walked, had an ice cream, and enjoyed each other’s company. The kids do still understand the Greek language, but it became pretty difficult for them to speak the language. Nevertheless, I talk with them using the Greek language, as I do not understand the Finnish language. I rented an apartment that was next to the sea. It was great! In the morning I could directly go into the sea, and thereafter I could have a breakfast with coffee, and after that I went to family Vampoulas. At 11 o’clock, I visited a church in Volos which had equally strict rules as the church in Piraeus. The pastor preached about the question that the disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 17. “Why could not we cast him out?”. Jesus said to them that this was due to their unbelief. “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” We can still learn from this in our daily life. Where is our faith in the strength of prayers…?

After church, I went to drink a tsiporo with Spiros. With mezè, as that is called, which are little fish snacks. It’s a little bit of a tradition when we are in Volos. At 3 o’clock I was in the bus going back to Athens. It’s a long trip (4 hours), but it was quite relaxed. There is air conditioning, and due to the coronavirus, you can use two seats. In other words, I could read books, and it was easy to get some sleep. It was also a beautiful view and at 7 o’clock I was back in Athens. A wonderful “mini-holiday”!

Last week was a difficult week. During the 3 weeks that the LdH opened, we registered 140 new clients. And we got lots of information. People who became angry, people who accused us of being unfair and many people who told us about the desperate situations they have to deal with. We did whatever we could do. Wednesday was one of the most difficult days. We wanted to give baby milk powder, strollers and clothing from the Netherlands. The situation escalated, and the police had to interfere. People hit each other – the manager had to pay for it, and there was a bad atmosphere. We had to limit to only providing baby milk powder. It wasn’t safe enough to welcome people inside anymore. That was very disappointing. On Thursday we had a relaxing programme with lots of games and pizza. We also got to know the new officers of LdH. Now the centre is closed until the end of August.

I hope to arrive in the Netherlands tomorrow! Even though there won’t be “open homes” due to corona, I hope that I can meet with many people. I am allowed to stay with family Hovestadt (Reeweg)! That’s a special privilege. I am a bit more nervous to travel compared to last year, but it has been a year already since I have seen my family and friends in the Netherlands. I cannot wait to see them again!

Have a good week!