Discovering our country

It is Sunday evening, already late. I am back in Werkendam. I “live” in a nice house again. Also very hot here today. Even higher temperatures than in Athens! Unbelievable! Despite that, it is nice to be here. I have had a beautiful Sunday. I was also allowed to go to church again. Although it was not my turn, it goes alphabetically. I have already had coffee with several people. And eaten fries with two friends. That’s a real treat, because you don’t have that in Athens. I don’t have a busy schedule and the heat makes it difficult to really go out a lot. I also have a car again, but without air conditioning, that means I don’t go too far.

During the week I hope to make all kinds of dates with people whom I would like to talk to after a year. Many people ask me if I will go back. I was planning to go back this month, but corona changed the plans. I’ll stay a little longer, probably until January. It is difficult to suddenly let go all things. We just started the Salvation Army, so I will continue for a while. I am officially retired since 31 July. That means, I will say it again, that I no longer need support for myself. Of course I sincerely hope that people will continue to give, so that more money is released for my projects. I find it quite difficult to make a good decision about the future now. It was always uncertain, but now you don’t know what wisdom is at all. I’ll only look at it in the short term. I believe God holds this world in His hand. The old chant says: “Those clouds, sky and winds show track and run and track … will also find ways by which your foot can go!” I don’t know yet, but I trust in wisdom from above and good advice from others!

Most organizations in Athens are closed now. That means that the people who live somewhat at the bottom of society are having an even harder time. On the other hand… it is also good for rescuers to take a step back. Also for me. We have had some tough weeks with so many people who need help. And unfortunately we cannot help everyone. There is never enough. That makes the job much more difficult than it actually already was. I’ve just felt like a robot for the past few weeks. I sat behind my plexiglass plate, with a plastic cap and a mouth mask. Then you can hardly have contact with people. You don’t understand each other (language) and now you barely hear each other. And that is precisely what I think is so important! I want to get to know the people better, as far as possible, so that I can also give them advice based on my experience in this work. But that’s almost impossible at the moment. My / our work has become a lot more complicated.

Fortunately Ernest, my Nigerian friend, is doing well. He is so happy with his job! Let’s hope he does well. Being on time is his weak point. Fortunately, he works from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. Then it should work anyway.

Solomon has made an attempt to travel to another European country. I’ll won’t give you the details, but he failed. Like most of these attempts. Yet people try again and again. They go with a fake passport or ID card and then get caught. The police do not make it very difficult, they are simply sent back to Athens. Sometimes they are in jail for a few days. The difficulty is that sometimes it does work and then people end up illegally in Germany or another country. Others cling to that. The hope for a better future keeps them going.

In the meantime I have already done some walks in our beautiful green country. Not very far yet, but that is because of the heat. Still, I would like to take a trip here or there this week. I also hope you will call or text me. Because I like to make an appointment, here in Werkendam or at your home or somewhere in between!

Have a good week y’all!